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About CanadaReals

CanadaReals is a dream website by a Civil Engineering student named Sathish from India. He is a proud associate of hundreds of best realtors globally.

Civil Engineering is the academic career for him. But Sathish is passionate about IT and Computer Science Department.
Sathish Sundar had 2 Backlogs (arrears) while creating this website. He believes that academic score is just a token for getting a job in this society.

The main thing is all about skills and passion towards the desired things. He is the founder of CanadaReals and Nilam Real Estate.

CanadaReals company is an online initiative which makes the real estate business a realistic one in the digital arena. It is one of the best platforms for the property buyers and sellers to engage in a successful event.

Now, our team is currently focusing on connecting buyers and sellers perfectly without any hassle. We majorly deal properties in and around United states and Canada region.

Start signing up to our website and get all the benefits.

With love
Sathish Sundar.


Our real estate listings offer a selection of luxury, exclusive homes and realty services suited for Canada and the United States region.

Simple Platform
Easy to list properties & promote.
Estate News
Best real estate blog resources and guides.
Best Service
Thoroughly inspected and handpicked leads.
Quick Response
Expect quick response from our team.
Direct Approach
Approach directly without a middleman.
SEO Rich
All listings are SEO-optimized by default.
Robut Search
Search your query with our advanced tool.
Compare Listings
Compare multiple properties & decide.
Top Partners
Associated with 350+ World Class partners.

Frequently asked questions

Currently, we are providing free options to list properties.

Yes! We have lots of short videos & tutorials to help you learn more about how CanadaReals works.

Link: Video Tutorials

We offer a wide range of real estate and acquisition services for the United States and Canada peoples.

Link: All services

If you’re interested in adding your firm/agency/brokerage services to our Canada Reals portal, please contact us.

Link: Contact Us

You can contact us anytime by connecting us via WhatsApp or shoot an email.

Send a message directly: nilam.casa or sathish@canadareals.com

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